Green saladSFr. 9.50
Mixed saladSFr. 10.50
Fieldsalad with eggsSFr. 13.50
Mozzarella, Parma ham and tomatoesSFr. 24.50
Salad with grilled bacon, jumi-chees and tomatoesFr. 19.50
Grilled eggplant, zucchini & red peppersSFr. 23.50
Beef fillet carpaccio with rucola and grana cheeseSFr. 27.50
Beef fillet carpaccio with rucola and grana cheese, ½ portionSFr. 21.50
Carrotsoup with gingerSFr. 13.00
Potatosoup with shrimpsSFr. 15.00
Tomato-soup with basilSFr. 13.00
Maccaroni with chicken, vegetables, tomatoes and creamSFr. 26.50
Gnocchi filled with rucola in Gorgonzola cheese sauceSFr. 27.50
Noodles with king prawns, cream and CognacSFr. 29.50
Sliced veal “Zurich style” with mushroom cream sauce roesti potatoesSFr. 39.50
Grilled beef fillet with vegetablesSFr. 46.50
Grilled veal cutlet with vegetablesSFr. 54.50
Chicken breast mustardsauce and vegetable-riceSFr. 39.50
Braised veal shank with risottoSFr. 43.50
Grilled veal sausage with onionsause and “Rösti” potatoesSFr. 26.50
Fine sliced calf`s liver on sage and onion butter with risottoSFr. 39.50
Grilled gilthaed fish with vegetablesSFr. 34.50
Pike-perch fillet on steamed vegetables with Champagne sauceSFr. 32.50
Grilled king prawns with fresh herb butter and vegetablesSFr. 39.50
Side Dish
Rice, homemade Pasta, French Fries or VegtableSFr. 7.50
RisottoSFr. 9.50
Flan CaramelSFr. 9.50
MillefeuilleSFr. 13.50
Warm Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream and whipped Cream (8 Min. preparation)SFr. 15.00
Soufflé glacé Grand Marnier flambéeSFr. 15.00
Ice Cream and Sorbets (per scoop)SFr. 5.00
Whipped CreamSFr. 2.00
Lemon sorbet With Prosecco (Vodka/Campari)SFr. 14.50
Serving of cheeseSFr. 12.50
Cheese plate 3 varietiesSFr. 17.50